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Wallnut Acoustic Wood Wall Panels


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Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Transform your space with our wood veneered acoustic wood wall panels. Designed to add aesthetic appeal to any residential or commercial interior, our wood veneered acoustic wall panels will complement any home decor scheme as a full wall or as part of a feature wall. Our acoustic wall panels use premium materials that guarantee long-lasting durability.


They combine easy installation, high durability and eco-friendly sustainability, making them the perfect solution for your interiors. They can be used in any interior and offer low maintenance and effortless cleaning. They ensure effortless application and can be changed at any time, allowing for creative design options. They also improve ambient sound, contributing to sound insulation.

Panel Length: 240cm or 300cm Panel Width: 60cm
Panel Depth: 2.1cm Panel Weight: 10kg or 13kg
Slat Width: 2.7cm Slat Depth: 1.2cm
  • Natural and aesthetic appearance
  • Easy and quick installation without much effort
  • High strength and durability
  • Sound insulation
  • Can be used everywhere indoors
  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable
  • Low maintenance and effortless cleaning
  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Few accessories required (glue, cutting blades, etc.)
  • Can be changed at any time
  • Promote a healthy indoor climate
  • Allows for creative design options

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1 Panel 240x60cm, 4 Panels 240x60cm, 10 Panels 240x60cm, 1 Panel 300x60cm, 4 Panels 300x60cm, 10 Panels 300x60cm


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